Final Judgment – Blog 5

If we take a look back on my first blog post, I mentioned that at first I was skeptical of the whole faith healing thing. I then mentioned over time and experiences that I do believe in faith healing. Over the course of this project, my opinion has stayed the same and I still believe that this health claim is true.

In closing, I would like to say that through the power of faith, a person can be healed. I obviously tolerate ambiguity on how the whole procedure happens because it’s God that does the whole fixing thing. The reason I can say it is a real thing because doctors have said it has happened, psychologists have said it has happened, and I have seen it happen.

I attended a mission trip with my school and helped at a place for people who were dying. They went there when their families leave them and they need a comfortable place to die. There was a man there that had something wrong with his stomach and couldn’t keep anything down, including water, and that was the reason he was dying. Just after lunch we had offered to pray for anyone that wanted it. A guy in my class walked over to a man and asked him what he would like prayer for. He said “I want you to pray for my healing. I believe that through your prayer God will heal me.” Zach held the man’s hand and prayed for the man’s illness to be completely gone. After the prayer the man grab the bowl of stew in front of him and downed it. We were all waiting for it to come back up like his first bowl had, but it didn’t. Today, he is a normal weight and has no pain.

So I can honestly say, I believe in faith healing.

Over the course of this class I have really learned to not believer everything I am being told and to look deeper into what I am being told. I ask more questions about the product and make sure that I really understand what is trying to be sold to me. I look at who is trying to sell the product and see if it is a realistic match. Looking at the background of the product also helps because I know what it is made up of. I now know what is good and what is bad. Shopping has become more difficult, but I’m getting my money’s worth now.


Evidence Against Claim – Blog 3

Part 1
– Studies done
– A law

Part 2

Although it was very hard to find some evidence against faith healing I managed to find a couple things.

First, there was cases of people doing whatever their faith healer told them to do and then ended up dying. According to Caleb Lack “Dr. Hobart Freeman told his congregation to stop taking their medication and instead pray for god to cure them. This led to the deaths of 90 people…”
Secondly, it has obviously failed numerous times because there are now laws against it. Jesse Merriam writes down the law, “This regulation required that states receiving funds for child abuse prevention programs adopt exemptions for parents who practiced faith healing.” In other words, if a child does and all the parents had done to heal their child, they will be charged for child abuse.


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Evidence in Support of Claim – Blog 2

Part 1
– The bible
– Faith healing stories
– Doctor’s opinion on why faith healing works
– Psychologists opinion/experience on why faith healing works

Part 2
After reading my first blog post, it is clear that I am researching Faith Healing as a health claim. Many people have claimed that they were struggling with something (pain, making ends meet, temptation, etc.) and when someone laid their hands on them and prayed, the problems were solved. So is this claim actually true?

If you look in the bible there is verse after verse about how prayer can do miraculous things. James 5:15 says, “Such a prayer offered in faith will heal the sick, and the Lord will make you well…” (NLT). A few other examples are: Mark 11:24, Mark 5:25-34, and James 5:14. I only listed three, but even if you looked it up online there would be a long list of verses.

If you’re not one to take the bible as the only answer (which is okay), here are some other people that back up the health claim.
Dr H Richard Casdorph underwent a experiment that involved faith healing. He took ten patients who all had serious health issues, but had been healed by what they claimed to be faith healing. Casdorph looked at all the patients’ case studies (included were x-rays, medical reports, appointments, doctor’s notes, etc.) and had them sent for medical reviews. In the end, all ten cases showed that a miraculous healing had only happened after the patient received prayer for healing.
Link to the 10 stories here:
Nigel Barber, who has a Ph. D. in Psychology, suggest that faith healing is all about belief in a higher power. According to the dictionary, faith is the “Complete trust or confidence in someone or something, or the strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.” Barber states that if you believe, you can be healed. He is not sure why it happens, but he knows it does because he and his sister were both healed of ringworm through faith healing.
Link to Barber’s story:

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Faith Healing – Blog 1

I started my blog back in June, but haven’t been blogging very consistently. For one of my classes I actually have to blog five times on a specific topic. I’m hoping to learn quite a bit on this complicated and bizarre topic, but also becoming comfortable with writing and consistently writing.

Over the next semester I will be researching and discussing faith healing. As we discussed in Health Claims, “A health claim is anything such as clothes, accessories, food, drinks, belief, etc. helps your health in hopefully a positive way.” I used to be very skeptical about this topic even being raised in a Christian home, but now I believe that there really are people out there that can heal you using the power of Jesus.

I understand that this is a very touchy topic because it involves faith. Bare with me and don’t feel the need to agree.