Humour and Socialization – Blog 3

Now that you know to define how you cope, access the stressor, and avoid, alter, or adapt to the event, I’ll write about one of the best ways to turn any negative stressful situation into a good one. Everyone has experienced an event that has gotten a little overwhelming and they feel like they just cannot cope with it anymore. According to a lot of studies, laughter is the best medicine. “It stimulates the output of endorphins, which might enhance the functioning of the immune system. Another is that the benefits of humour may be explained in terms of the positive cognitive shifts they entail and the positive emotions that accompany them” (Rathus, Maheu, & Veenvliet, 2012). So not only does it improve your mood, it could also enhance your immune system and keep you from getting sick.

Humour and socialization with family or friends will increase your mood and decrease your stress. There have been many tests and studies done that prove socialization can help reduce stress. The science behind laughter reducing stress is, “[It] stimulates circulation and aids muscle relaxation, both of which help reduce some of the physical symptoms of stress” (Gendry, 2012).

When I was a teenager, I could not keep my room clean. I was very busy and never really home. When I was home it was to drop stuff off, pick something up, change, or sleep. This resulted in a lot of dumping stuff on the floor, moving stuff from one pile to another, trying on different outfits and leaving the ones I did not want on the bed, and right before crawling into bed I would take the clothes off my bed and create a new pile for them on the floor. After a couple weeks, my mom would have enough and get me to clean my room and I would put it off for as long as I could. I did so because when I walked into my room to clean it,  I was automatically overwhelmed. Cleaning my room was stressful because I never knew where to start.
One day I decided to invite my friend over that lived across the street. She sat on my bed and talked to me while I tackled my room. We laughed and talked about the things happening in our lives and before I knew it, my room was cleaned. Ever since then I always invite a friend over when I clean my room because time passes so quickly and I never feel overwhelmed.

Before and After
Before learning about how socialization reduces stress, I never really spent time around my friends. I knew that when I was stressed I was grumpy or sad. I did not want to bug them if I was going to be like that. After I learned about it, I make sure that if I am feeling extremely overwhelmed I take some time to be with a friend. Now that I’m living with roommates and living so close to my best friend, I honestly feel less stressed.


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