Final Judgment – Blog 5

If we take a look back on my first blog post, I mentioned that at first I was skeptical of the whole faith healing thing. I then mentioned over time and experiences that I do believe in faith healing. Over the course of this project, my opinion has stayed the same and I still believe that this health claim is true.

In closing, I would like to say that through the power of faith, a person can be healed. I obviously tolerate ambiguity on how the whole procedure happens because it’s God that does the whole fixing thing. The reason I can say it is a real thing because doctors have said it has happened, psychologists have said it has happened, and I have seen it happen.

I attended a mission trip with my school and helped at a place for people who were dying. They went there when their families leave them and they need a comfortable place to die. There was a man there that had something wrong with his stomach and couldn’t keep anything down, including water, and that was the reason he was dying. Just after lunch we had offered to pray for anyone that wanted it. A guy in my class walked over to a man and asked him what he would like prayer for. He said “I want you to pray for my healing. I believe that through your prayer God will heal me.” Zach held the man’s hand and prayed for the man’s illness to be completely gone. After the prayer the man grab the bowl of stew in front of him and downed it. We were all waiting for it to come back up like his first bowl had, but it didn’t. Today, he is a normal weight and has no pain.

So I can honestly say, I believe in faith healing.

Over the course of this class I have really learned to not believer everything I am being told and to look deeper into what I am being told. I ask more questions about the product and make sure that I really understand what is trying to be sold to me. I look at who is trying to sell the product and see if it is a realistic match. Looking at the background of the product also helps because I know what it is made up of. I now know what is good and what is bad. Shopping has become more difficult, but I’m getting my money’s worth now.


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