Discrimination – Blog7

Discrimination is also linked back to Classical Conditioning and has to do with how we react to certain situations.
We learned last blog that generalization is pairing similar things to the Conditioned Stimulus to the Conditioned Response. Discrimination means you only have a Conditioned Response to the Conditioned Stimulus and nothing that looks/is similar.

Again, I will add to my last blog to give you an example of discrimination. I had mentioned that after my first dentist procedure I had become terrified of the dentist. Over time I had paired that fear with anything that reminded me of the dentist or did work on my mouth.
When I had gone to the orthodontist I had been nervous for weeks before my first appointment. Once I got there they did x-rays and I am sure my heart was beating the fastest it ever has. They did impressions and I wanted to be sick. They talked to my mother and I and I was sure they were going to tell me that I had to get four teeth pulled. After the appointment, I was in no pain and I could breathe.
After going to multiple ortho appointments I realized that just because someone is working on your teeth does not that it will always be painful. Now that I am aware of this I have a discrimination mindset towards the dentist. Whenever I hear the drill or see the freezing needle I get anxious, but that is it. I can chew bubble gum, watch a dentist on the TV, and even use fluoride.

Before and After
Now that I am aware that I have a discrimination mindset towards the dentist, I would like to keep it that way. Hopefully I get to the point where I am not scared of the dentist at all, but until that point I want keep it at just being anxious over two things.


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